About Us

Medicdock.com was founded in 2020 .Then became a trusted source of information on various queries regarding health . Today it is trusted by over a million visitors from all around the world.

We at Medicdock.com are trying to provide the best and most detailed information about various queries on health and related topics.

Where is the data sourced from?

All the data on medicdock.com are resource from mainstream MBBS books  and ncbi website.

We make every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information and data we provide. Every page with information I will give you authentic data that you can cross check from various sources.

Health claims on the website are cited  from appropriate scientific bodies . In case where scientific conflict occurs the health claims have been noted as controversial to alert readers.

Who uses this site?

The site is intended to be used for or both general public and health professionals who want to get a brief idea on various health queries.

About advertising on the Website

The advertisements are automatically chosen by Google and do not bias the content or information presented to you. On our extent we make sure that the content providers are not influenced by any funding sources. On website we do not choose the contents of the ad that are being displayed as it is chosen by the computer algorithms of Google.

Affiliate disclosure

One website we provide affiliate links of Amazon products please which help us to get small commission.

These products are endorsed without biased perception.


The information on www.medicdock.com  is not intended to replace the consultation of any medical professional or other certified health service provider, but is intended to inform the reader about various queries that he/she has in mind on many me health issues.

There are many contraindications and controversies in the field of medicine, this website intend to inform the reader so that he or she can make a best decision regarding their health.