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ORS Full Form

ORS full form In “Medicine

ORS full form or What is  ORS liquid full form?

Full form of ORS : Oral Rehydration Solution

In general ,ORS sachets are commonly prescribed when a patient presents with diarrhoea or several episodes of vomiting.

It is a special  combination  of various kinds of dry salts, with essential electrolytes that is needed by the body after severe fluid loss.

Composition of ORS

A typical sachet of ORS approximately constitutes  about 28 to 30 gram, of readymade mixture of dry electrolyte make a round 1 litre of Oral Rehydration Solution. Its approx composition :- 

Sodium chloride – 3.5 grams

Potassium chloride – 1.5 grams

Trisodium citrate dihydrate – 2.9 grams

Anhydrous glucose – 20 grams

On the ORS sachet there is  “Direction of use for patients ” according to various age criteriaIt should be taken orally

Infants over the period of 24 hours

Children over the period of a 24 hours

Adult throughout the day depending on the the need of the person

It should be taken according to the above direction by infants and children.

Or  under medical supervision.

When ORS should be used?

It should be started as soon as the patient complaints of loose motion or diarrhoea

Or should be administered as early as possible in patients with underlying medical conditions, children and the elderly.

The correct amount of ORS that should be given to the patient is that, ” it should be given at the rate to quench the thirst of the patient”

During ORS consumption adults and elderly are advised to abstain from eating solid foods, on the other hand infants should still receive breast milk  or their usual milk formula.

Note: Tea, coffee, any other kind of caffeinated or energy drinks, soda, shoot and preserved fruit juice, alcohol should be avoided.

Materials required to prepare ORS solution

A ORS sachet

1 litre of filtered clean water preferably boiled and cooled

A glass of approx 200 to 250 ml of capacity to be filled almost five times with ORS solution.

A clean utensil with more than 1 litre capacity to mix the solution

Teens phone to feed if the patient is infant or a child

Steps to prepare ORS solution

Pour 1 litre of water in a large jug

Open the ORS sachet and empty the contents directly into the jug.

Start the solution till salts are completely dissolved

Take the solution  in a clean glass

Feed the patient in frequent intervals of time

ORS full form InMedical Research

ORS full form : Orthopaedic Research Society

It is a professional scientific and medical research society dealing in the branch of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal research.

It was founded in 1954 and has its headquarter in Rosemont , Illinois.

The orthopaedic research society is organised into various sections or areas of research. They are:-

Meniscus:- that is the outer layer of the fluids and dermis covering the joints.

Orthopaedic implants:- it deals with the research of implants that are more susceptible ,stronger , less reactive and efficient to the human body.

Preclinical models section :- it deals with the  models and prosthetics that are needed to be tested before they are ready  to patented or given to the manufacturing line companies or made available to the common public.

Spine section:- it deals with research that are mainly focused around  the various aspects of the human spine.

Tendon section:- this department with the the research and advancement that are mainly directed towards tendons(ie. Connective tissue that connect muscles to bones)

International section of fracture repair:-

This department deals with the research towards various medical and surgical aspects of healing of fracture.

ORS full form in “Disease and Health Complications

ORS full form (in disease): Oculo Respiratory Syndrome

Ocular respiratory syndrome is a temporary complication that was seen in patients who were vaccinated with inactivated influenza vaccine.

The first report of ocular respiratory syndrome came from Canada in the  year 2000 which  increased in number through March 2001.

ORS or oculomotor syndrome is also known as “Bilateral Red Eyes Syndrome”. The patients presented with many symptoms of ocular ,respiratory ,facial edema ,respiratory gastrointestinal and  inflammatory reaction in the local injection site.

The patients generally complains of cough with chest tightness difficulty in breathing sore throat and facial edema within 2 to 24 hours after receiving inactivated influenza vaccine. 

Full list of symptoms  associated with ocular respiratory syndrome

Ocular symptoms

Bilateral red eyes

Itchy eyes

Sore eyes

Discharge from eye

Acute blurred vision

Respiratory symptoms

Sore throat

Difficulty in breathing

Cough and wheeze

Chest tightness

Difficulty in swallowing

Facial edema

Lip swelling and tingling

Eye swelling

Tongue swelling

Combination of symptoms

Oculo respiratory symptoms

Oculofacial symptoms

Respiratory facial symptoms

Systemic symptoms




General body ache




Gastrointestinal symptoms



Diarrhoea or loose motion

Stomach ache

Temporary loss of appetite

At the injection site




If not treated the symptoms subside within  48 hours after onset.

ORS full form in “Psychiatry and Mental Health

ORS full form : Olfactory Reference Syndrome

Olfactory reference syndrome ( ORS) is a psychiatric disorder in which a patient falsely perceives that he is emitting a foul odour from his body.

This preoccupation is commonly associated with halitosis (bad breath) and flatulence of a patient, which makes him believe that he is stinky or smelly.

Olfactory reference syndrome (ORS full form) is a very under recognised psychiatric disorder, which can also be associated with behavioral OCD (full form obsessive compulsive disorder). Due to attempts of the patient to subdue or minimise his body odour. Like bathing and cleaning very frequently. Or excessive brushing and mouthwash.

This preoccupation of and causes distress and impairment in healthy functioning in our society. This can further it to other mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Although people suffering from Olfactory reference syndrome , believe that they really do smell bad but on the contrary other people around them can’t detect the foul odor.

As a result of olfactory reference syndrome patients face social anxiety social avoidance and are usually distressed all the time. Due to this suicidal thinking and suicidal attempts are a common occurrence among patients of ORS.

Treatment of “Olfactory Reference Syndrome “

Medication:- as there is no well defined medication that is highly effective for each patient so symptomatic drugs are given by the doctor. 

It includes drugs like serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SRI monotherapy, neuroleptic monotherapy or antipsychotic drug therapy. In some cases even a combination of SRI and antipsychotic drugs are prescribed.

Psychotherapy:- Psychiatrists aur also very helpful in treating the patients of ORS, cognitive behavioral therapy improves the paradoxical intention of the patient. Save the patient to boost his self-esteem colva leaves and generate self compassion.

Other medical treatments :- sometimes other medical treatments are also given to the patient to relieve him from the mental health complications.

In some cases the patient of ORS having p perceived bad breath, have been seen to consult dentists, surgeons, ENT specialists, proctologist surgeons ,dermatologists for various kinds of treatments . 

Sometimes ECG is also prescribed to the patient  to rule out other neurological problems like temporal lobe epilepsy or migraine Aura.

Other ORS full form

In the field of ” Technological Advances”

ORS full form (in tech): “Oxygen Reduction System

In today’s world all around the globe fire prevention is done by use of semi computerised Oxygen Reduction System. It is one of the very fine and established technological advances that is available to control indoor  fires.

This innovative technology is quite unique because it prevents expansion of fire by creating an hypoxic environment. It works on the principle that a fire will be impossible to expand where there is lower level of oxygen in and a brief reduction in oxygen just by a couple of percent extinguishes the fire.

This way it achieves its by masking the fire by various non inflammable chemicals . Its goal to control the  fire by maintaining low oxygen levels thus prevents ignition of flame ,even in the presence of highly combustible substances.

It is a highly used tech,  in plastic factories, warehouses,  chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In the field of “Education and Scholarship”

ORS full form : Overseas Research Scholarship

It is a post graduate scholarship program for foreign country national students, to research at higher educational levels in the United kingdom.

The ORS award scheme was put forward by “Secretary of State for Education and Science” in the year 1979 and was launched in 1980- 1981 academic year with the intention to attract more post graduate foreign talented students to United kingdom.

It is among the most prestigious and selective award that can be offered to an foreign national student in the United kingdom.

In the the field of “Geology”

ORS full form: Old Red Sandstone

It is a structure of geographical importance in the North Atlantic region. 

The old red sandstone is a large assemblage of red sandstones that extend across Great Britain , from Ireland to Norway in the East and from North Eastern seaboard to northern America in the west. In the north it extends from Greenland to Svalbard.

It is about 700 km or 430 miles in length and about 13000 feet for 4 kilometre in breath.

In the field of law and lawsuits

ORS full form: “Oregon Revised Statutes

It is a set of codified laws of  the State of Oregon.

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ORS Full Form

In general ,ORS sachets are commonly prescribed when a patient presents with diarrhoea or several episodes of vomiting.


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